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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I bring my dog?

Not at this time, although if you email us we can offer suggestions for boarding in the area! 

Vero Mountain dreams of one day being able to accommodate your furry family members, and we have big plans for the future regarding that. At this time, due to it being a working farm environment our farm animals' safety is very important to us, as well as the cleanliness of our luxury domes! Only certified service animals are allowed and must notify management prior to visit (this does not include emotional support animals.)

Can I bring my children?

Our domes are created for adults only. However our camping sites, soon to come, will be for families of all stages and children of all ages! Stay tuned!

Can I come meet the farm animals?

Farm Visiting Hours: 8am - 10am & 4pm - 6pm.

We LOVE for our guests to meet the animals, please follow our rules for everyone's safety. Our farm is located at the bottom of Vero Mountain (start of Carolina Moon Trail), across from our pond & old Tobacco barn, and next to the white farmhouse.  Tom and Chris may or may not be there during visiting hours, please be aware of the electric wire fence. If Tom & Chris are not there you are still more than welcome to visit our animals but please do not enter the fenced areas or barns unless accompanied by our team. Please do not feed the animals unless it is cleared by our team. If you'd like to visit during a time outside of visiting hours please connect with our team prior. 

Do you have indoor plumbing, heat, ac, refrigerator, coffee,

Yes! We have allllllll of the best comforts- this is "Glamorous Camping" after all! Each dome is equipped with high speed fiber optics, pellet stoves, air condition units, a king size bed, premium linens, kitchenette including fridge, toaster oven, hotplate, electric kettle, espresso maker, a large bathroom, walk in shower, toilet, sink, spa amenities such as Bumble and Bumble shampoo & conditioner, hairdryer, toothbrushes, towels, robes, also a covered hot tub and grilling area with a Webber grill! We aim to keep you as comfortable as possible and you can be as connected as you want to be if this is a work trip, or as disconnected as you want to be if this is a getaway. We offer a guide to the area as well. And you can always contact someone if you need assistance with anything.

How do I access the domes?
(And other "must knows" about the area)...

You will need a car to get around the area and up to the domes location. AWD or 4WD is recommended! Doable with 2WD but might be slightly challenging dependent on weather. 2 parking spaces are available directly in front of each dome. Northern Orchard Drive and the road the domes are located on (Carolina Moon Trail) are gravel roads which can be rough at times and a bit steep in some areas. Carolina Moon Trail is about 1 mile up to the domes. MARS HILL ONLY ALLOWS THE SALE OF WINE/BEER NOT LIQUOR, PLEASE GET SPIRITS IN WEAVERVILLE OR BURNSVILLE AT "ABC" STORES, AS THEY ARE IN A DIFFERENT COUNTY, BEFORE ARRIVAL.

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