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Sid is a 1 year old, nigerian dwarf goat that is full of personality, spunk and is guaranteed to make you smile. Sid is our only male goat that has horns and was also our very first animal to be brought to the vero mountain family.

Sid (the kid)
Halo, hook, ducky, & moon

meet our first goat family at vero mountain! Halo is an incredible mother to her three babies, Hook, Ducky & Moon all of which are under one year old. The three babies are named in correlation with their different markings on their body, representing their names!

Arnold, jenny & baby Walter

Our miniature donkey family is sure to make you feel warm & Cozy especially with our newest baby! Arnold and Jenny, both about 8 years old welcomed their baby boy, walter to the world September 10, 2021- making walter our first baby born on the property!

Thelma & Louise

meet our girls thelma & Louise! They are both kuhn-kuhn pigs born in western north carolina and are almost 1 year old! these girls love to sunbathe and will alwalys thank you for any kind of treats you can spare!

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